The Gerbers

Hello all! My name is Jacob Gerber and my wife’s name is Nancy Gerber. We have been married since May of 2017 (newlyweds) and here lately it seems we have been sort of stuck in our same, mundane, daily routine. I work in the restaurant industry and she works for a local school district. Our days consist of us waking up at the same time, going to work, coming home, watching Netflix and then going to bed promptly at 9 pm. Every. Single. DAY. 

     Now we have decided enough is enough. We want something more out of this repetitive and boring lifestyle than what we are currently receiving. Now, as I have already mentioned, we both have careers that don’t allow for a lot of extra spending on hobbies (or anything in general really). So my posts are going to consist of information on the hobbies that we are going to attempt to tackle as a married couple and how it improved our relationship as newlywed shut-ins.

     We have both made a pact to stay strong in this endeavor and see if it will make our relationship stronger as well as grant us the personal growth that we desperately need.

     I will be posting at least once a day starting out but it may end up being more as the time goes on.

Wish us luck!!

-The Gerbers