Occasional Happenings

December 10th, 2018

7:11 pm

Hello there friends and family! I hope everyone is doing well tonight and that you’re all keeping warm. I just got home from work and thought I would sit down and do some blogging before I lay down on the couch and watch Netflix (usually fall asleep). Although I may load up Hulu instead so I can get my daily fix of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Toit! If you enjoyed The Office or Parks and Rec then you need to give Nine-Nine a shot. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it…Nancy hasn’t.

My day today was fairly uneventful save for my Nana coming up to my work and dropping off a platter of sweets for everyone at the dealership to enjoy. I tore through that crap like someone was going to steal it. My sweet little Benito is making it hard for me to concentrate on what I’m writing because he feels the need to bring me all of his toys every 5 seconds for me to throw them. Crazy doggo.

Oh yeah! I did go out and buy a Chromebook for Nancy and myself to try out. I’m actually using it right now to do my blogging and she uses it for school work and studying. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it boots up and how quick it is to navigate the menus. For a measly $250 price tag I’m very pleased.

Here’s a picture of it:


BALLIN’! lawl.

Well I guess I am going to have to call it a night soon because Jair is sitting beside me at the table singing country music (terribly) and it’s throwing me off. Shh, don’t tell him I said that.

Here he is being his dumb self:


D’aaww isn’t he so stupid?? lawl again.

Don’t hate the picture, hate the frame…or something like that. You get it.

Oh, also, Nancy put something in my stocking finally and I really want to peek inside. I don’t think I should. It’s not like I’m scared of her or anything like that because I’m definitely not. (don’t tell her I said that either).


I mean come on! There’s definitely something cool inside of there. You know I find it kind of ironic how people put socks inside of stockings which are just really big socks. Ooookay then! I guess I will leave everyone with that thought.

As Always:

Be Safe, Keep on Lovin’ and I’ll See You Next Time


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