Shopping Brandless

The brand is Brandless

Hello again friends. Can we all agree to skip the part where I have failed to post anything for the last three months and jump to the part where I am going to attempt to do better from now on? It would really save me a lot of stress and time if we could still pretend we’re friends and that this is just another one of my posts and not the first post in three months. That would be great. So, let’s get started.




A few days ago I was piddling around on the internet trying to fight off boredom when I stumbled upon an ad for a company called Brandless. They were advertising that all products on their site are “bad-stuff-less” and “goodness-ful”. Exact quote, just saying. I went to the “About us” page to check them out and read about the company. They are relatively new (July 11, 2017) is what it says on their page. They also donate a meal to Feeding America on every purchase. Their products are animal cruelty free and non-GMO. Their products seem to range from household cleaners to feminine hygiene and of course some categories in between, like food stuffs. Oh, and I forgot to mention, everything on the site is $3. Yeah. $3.

I would like to be able to say that the reason I decided to buy a few things to try out was because of all the good their company is doing not only for the environment but also for the hungry. Unfortunately though, I like to be cheap, and not only that but my wife is happier when I’m cheap. So the $3 price tag is what sold me initially. I bought a couple things to try out and just see how I liked them and put them to the test.

The first product I purchased was a 30 fl oz bottle Summer Breeze flavored multi surface cleaner. Wait. Not flavored, scented. There. Don’t drink it. I was very surprised at how well it worked on my kitchen appliances and counter tops. What is really great about this cleaner though is the scent. Man oh man. The smell it leaves behind really seems like there is no toxic chemicals present and it’s probably because it boasts that it is a non-toxic formula. Really though, you can tell from first use that it stands apart from other household cleaners. It not only smells great when using it but it lingers. That’s right, finally a smell in my kitchen that I want to linger. Smells are nothing though if the cleaner doesn’t actually clean and it does. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it does any better job than the multi surface cleaner you can buy at any big chain store but it doesn’t clean any less. That’s all that matters. I will say though, they only negative that I did notice was when I tried to use it in the bathroom it didn’t quite live up to the task. While the smell was amazing it didn’t seem to wipe away all the grime that I wanted it to. But in the kitchen, this thing is a beast.

The second product I purchased was some facial tissues. One order of the facial tissues was 3$ and came with 2 boxes. They each have 90 tissues in them. They are biobased products and tree free. It says they are made from sugarcane and bamboo grass. This review will be short on this product because well, what can I really tell you about facial tissues? It wipes boogers. It feels like tissue. It’s nice to sneeze into. It’s saving trees and feeding families. That’s something I would put into the plus column.

So all in all, I haven’t been dissatisfied with either product that I ordered. I definitely will continue purchasing my cleaners from them because the smell really is that good. The smell, not flavor…don’t drink it.

Want to check them out for yourself and see what I’m talking about here is the link. Also, when you place your first order us code “WELCOME” to receive free shipping.

As always, thanks for reading! Be safe and Better shopping!





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