Brain Development for Cheap

     I know, I know. It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my blog and I feel as if I’ve let my goals of personal growth and development out of sight. Well no more! (hopefully). You see, if you don’t have the pleasure of knowing the real me then you probably see me as the hardworking type. I am…at work. When I get home all of that drive and focus goes straight out the window like a poorly aimed baseball. I tend to have this habit where I make these commitments and dive in head first but then the fire fades and I give up on myself, but again, no more! 

     So what I have decided to work towards now is taking some courses online for college. Not necessarily towards anything in particular yet and not at a pace that would burn me out, since this will not be a cheap endeavor. I have been Googling some cheaper alternatives to kind of get my feet wet. As I was doing some searches this evening I stumbled across a site called Udemy. They are not accredited so none of the courses will give me any actual college credits but it will be a good start for me. The courses are only $12 a piece and they have tons on hand. I feel like this will be a great way to test myself and see what I can accomplish before I really consider taking actual college credit classes online.

     I will be updating my progress with you fine people so I am counting on y’all to keep me on my game. Of course Nancy will be hounding me as soon as I get off work to keep me focused. (especially since I will be spending our hard earned money on it). So my friends and family, this is my first real attempt to keep a personal goal that I set for myself and I’ll be keeping you all informed on the progress made. Wish me luck.


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