Okay everyone. Crocheting. Yeah. Apparently it’s not my thing. This is the first hobby that we have decided to try to accomplish on our to-do list and let me tell you I am terrible at it. It seems to just be completely out of my mental grasps. Nancy though, freakin’ Nancy just picks the needle up and is immediately comfortable with the whole process of shoving this little needle through these tiny strings of yard and has almost completed her first scarf. She’s been doing it off and on for like three days now and it just keeps growing and growing. I am very proud of her and impressed by the fact that she can do this so effortlessly but it is not something I feel I will ever be able to master.

     So now I have completely given up and decided I would come and write some on my blog to vent at my inability to ever be able to make a cool sweatshirt or pair of gloves with my own hands. I guess I will forever be stuck buying my accessories from Wal-Mart or other stores for untalented crocheters like myself.

     Blog Done. Rant Over.


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